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commission information

INFORMATION IN ADVANCEx communication via eMail [[email protected]] or
on social media request for contact possibility [discord].
x by placing an order you agree to my terms and conditions.
[linked at the end of this page]
x I reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order/request.
to refuse or cancel an order/request.
x merchandise
for the use of the designs as printable merchandise for resale,
you'll need an additional a licence which has to be purchased from me.
the price will be increased by 100%-200% of the actual purchase price, depending on the duration of use. please feel free to contact me.
x payment is due when the order is placed, PayPal only.x you must be over 18 years of age and eligible to contract.

request template

x your username and social media/twitchx what do you want to commission? [emotes/badges (how many?)
or artwork (bust/half/fullbody), twitch layout (how many screens/panels etc.), logo design etc.]
x description of your order/motif and all references to it, as well as what you want to use it for [merchandise, twitch, discord emotes etc.].x further details
[if you would like a background, specific poses or have any other additional information, please provide it here]
x private use or commercial reuse?x your paypal eMail or a legally correct address for the invoice [to this address/eMail i will send the invoice of the order] no details, no order.

full colour from 50 EUR+contains two PNGs, one with a transparent background and one with a base colour.x extra/specially elaborate objects/animals and additional characters may vary between 10 and 60 EUR as an additional fee.x eMail/contact me for price negotiations/inquiries.

bust 150 EUR+
half 180 EUR+
fullbody 250 EUR+
with a simple background.
x extra characters can vary between 50-250 EUR as an additional fee.x a special background can vary between 50-500 EUR extra, depending on the complexity.x eMail/contact me for price negotiations/inquiries.

static emote
1 emote             35 euro
6 emotes set   200 euro
animated emotes
[drawing + animation]
1 animated emote 50 euro
5 animated emotes 230 euro
you already have a drawn emote of mine and want to have it animated?
1 emote 30 euro
5 emotes 130 euro

1 badge 25 euro
6 badge set 130 euro

twitch panels
6 panels 50 EUR
all the same, simple
x custom panels only on request with number and motif.

from 150 EUR+
prices increase, depending on the complexity and whether it is a word mark or a word-image mark

general terms and conditions

all detailed rights, terms and conditions, process and further information at the link.
if we have entered into a contract, by agreeing to place an order with me [liz kato alisa adler], you have agreed to my terms and conditions and agreements.
the right of withdrawal applies.
you can withdraw from the contract at any time, but
depending on the status of the order, fees will be due.

short, important information again about the order
[does not replace the discussion of my terms and conditions]
x a fixed delivery deadline is not guaranteed.x i regularly inform about the status of the order, if it takes longer or if the current situation causes a delay [studies, job, personal circumstances etc.].x if the feedback to confirm the order [sketch etc.] or the submission of references and information from the client [you!] is too long, the order will be cancelled or put on the waiting list.
i expect a fair response within 2 to 3 days.
x derogatory, inappropriate behaviour or anything in any negative form will result in cancellation and blacklisting.x if you cancel the order before i have started, you will be refunded the amount paid. if i have to cancel the order, i will refund the full amount. if the order is cancelled after it has started, the time invested up to that point will be charged.
see cancellation policy.
x changes after the outline are only possible within the smallest scope and additional fees may apply.


please use the template at the top of the page to send us your completed enquiry via email or Discord.

as of 2022. all rights reserved. alisa adler [liz kato]. all information without warranty.